Has your copy of Zootles Giraffes arrived in the mail yet? It should be landing on your doorstep any day. This issue, all about giraffes, also concentrates on the hard and soft sounds of the letter “G,” and the concept of tall vs. short.  To a six-year-old, however,  how tall is tall? Cookie jars and mailboxes can seem astronomically high.

We strive to make the animals we teach about be as relatable as possible, and Zootles Giraffes does this in a wonderfully fun way. The issue has to be turned sideways to accommodate the stretched-out giraffe centerfold, and every anatomical giraffe feature is highlighted in a way children will understand. How big is a giraffe hoof? Why, as big as a plate, of course. And its neck? It’s as long as your bed! What other animals do you know that have a tongue as long as a child’s arm?

On the back cover, Otto and Allie–Zootles beloved mascots–discuss the advantages and disadvantages to great height. Allie decides she likes tall best, since it allows better cookie-jar access. What does your Zootles reader think?