San Diego might seem a strange place for polar bears, but the three polar bears who live at the San Diego Zoo are actually a very contented bunch. Their enclosure is a state-of-the-art architectural delight that allows up-close viewing both above and below the water. Check it out for yourself! The zoo’s polar bear cam keeps an eye on these critters whether they’re lounging, swimming, or playing with their toys. Plus the SDZ website offers each bear’s biography, and a slideshow gallery of the bears’ best moments.

Normally, of course, polar bears stick to the North Pole regions rather than Southern California. When they can, they travel by ice floe to pursue seals, which is their primary prey. Global warming is a real danger for these bears, because it diminishes the ice. It has been suggested that wild polar bears now weigh less than they used to, probably because of the greater difficulty in moving between hunting grounds, which means there is less available prey. The population is now classified as vulnerable, with only 20-25,000 bears still roaming free.

In San Diego, however, the lack of ice will never be a problem. These three bears will always be safe and secure, and you can judge for yourself whether they are content. Let us know what you think!