If someone were to ask you to name a striped animal, would a zebra come to mind? In this month’s Zoobies issue, Animal Babies, a baby zebra is the animal used to depict the concept of stripes. But there are a lot of other striped animals we can point to that would reinforce this concept: a bongo, a pampas cat, a zebra swallowtail butterfly, a numbat, a wasp spider–we could go on and on. Not only can we use the Zoobies zebra page to launch our little ones on a hunt for visually-related animals, but we can use it to explore the ways other striped animals are similar to animals that are very familiar to us. How is the pampas cat, for example, similar to the pet cat living in your home or neighborhood?

We can also point out the reason for stripes (and spots), which is usually camouflage. And this, in turn, can lead to winding up your together-time with a rip-roaring game of Peek-a-Boo, or Hide and Seek.

We’d love to hear what creative ways you have come up with to expand on the wonderful simplicity of your Zoobies pages. How is this magazine growing with your baby? Your experiences will be a benefit to others.