Usually, we share animal stories for children – that’s the Zoobooks mission afterall – but in the 21 March issue of The New Yorker “Back to the Harbor” by Ian Frazier is a seal story adult animal lovers will enjoy. Frazier, with loopy humor and a rambling style, relates how seals are making a comeback in New York harbor.

Besides discovering Frazier’s musings on molded-plastic lawn chairs and “The Godfather” movies, you’ll read why seals were hounded out of New York harbor in the 1900’s and how they are now moving back in. You’ll learn the range of the harbor seal and the difference between Phocidae (“true” seals) and Otaridae (sea lions and other “eared” seals). Then, share all this with your children through the Zoobooks Seals & Sea Lions, Zootles Seals and Critters Up Close Seals books available online at our webstore.

Frazier throws out a bait bucket full of fascinating tidbits, such as, how talking seals are being studied at the New England Aquarium, and how the interplay of sharks and seals periodically closed beaches at Cape Cod the last two summers. Frazier also explains “[Seals] are what environmentalists call ‘charismatic megafauna’; staring with big brown eyes into a camera lens proved to be a survival advantage for them.” So go for a fascinating swim with Frazier and the seals of New York harbor.