Preschoolers have an insatiable appetite for facts about baby animals. The current Zootles issue, Giraffes, has an entire spread devoted to more than fifteen baby giraffe facts for kids to compare.

Did we say compare? We meant it. Each one of the giraffe facts given in this spread begs to be compared and contrasted to a human baby fact. Ask your child questions as you read, such as: “When do human babies begin to walk?” Dig out old photos or a baby book and compare notes. Giraffe babies can weigh 150 pounds at birth. How much did your little one weigh? At the age of one, a giraffe youngster can be almost 12 feet tall. How about your youngster at the age of one? It can even be a conversation starter on the subject of separating from mom and dad for kindergarten. Giraffe babies are sometimes left in giraffe “kindergartens” while their mothers go off to feed, and are happily reunited again at the end of the day. How reassuring it can be to know that growing more independent is important for all living creatures.

In the end, Zootles Giraffes leads to a subject even more delightful to preschoolers than baby animals–it leads them to talk about themselves. Enjoy!