Ranger Rick Zoobooks is the everything-you-wanted-to-know-but-didn’t-know-where-to-look children’s resource for animals. Each Ranger Rick Zoobooks explores the anatomy, habitat, socialization, and ecological role of a single animal or animal group in a vibrant, easy-to-understand way. TheRanger Rick Zoobookstrademark design combines stunning photography with beautiful life-like illustration and captivating text that kids just love – guaranteed!

Ranger Rick Zoobooks is published by The National Wildlife Federation to provide wild learning fun for children of all ages. The Ranger Rick Zoobooks family of award-winning publications has grown to include:

  • Ranger Rick Zoobies, for the littlest learners 0 to 3 years old, launched  in 2008
  • Critters Up Close, durable board books about animals for young explorers 0 to 3 years old.
  • Ranger Rick Zootles, for younger readers 3 to 6 years old, launched in 2005
  • Ranger Rick Zoodinos, for dinosaur-hungry readers aged 5-12, launched in 2017

Millions of young readers have grown up with award-winning Ranger Rick Zoobooks, Ranger Rick Zootles and Ranger Rick Zoobies, developing key learning skills while having fun reading about something they love – animals, animals and more animals. And the learning goes beyond the page with:

  • digital subscriptions
  • a Secret Jungle website with just-for-kids animal games, puzzles and quizzes
  • eSafari email adventures that trek to the best animal sites on the web

It’s been over 35 years since John Wexo hatched the idea for Zoobooks while standing in front of a primate enclosure at the zoo. His idea was simple: to create a colorful, concise, informative series of animal books to share with children that could be purchased at zoos through vending machines. The vending machine gave way to subscription sales, and Zoobooks was soon being shipped to hundreds of thousands of subscribers around the world. To meet the clamoring demand of librarians, the first hardcover editions of Zoobooks were produced in 1983.

Now you can find Ranger Rick Zoobooks, Zootles and Zoobies in homes, schools and libraries around the world. You can buy them by subscription or by single editions in the Ranger Rick Zoobooks web store,  in select bookstores and in finer zoo, museum, aquarium and park gift shops and specialty retailers around the country.

Associate Executive Publisher John O. Toraason
Editorial Director Renee C. Burch
Art Director Shawn Biner
Retail & Educational Sales Manager Kurt Von Hertsenberg
Operations & Marketing Manager Shirley Patino
Advertising Natalie Herman