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  • The World’s Smallest Kangaroos
    The kangaroos that you’ve probably seen in movies and zoos are big, like gray kangaroos, which can stand over six feet tall. However, there are dozens of animals in the kangaroo family, ranging [...]
  • Zoobies Apes
    In Zoobies Apes, families can see some animals that look and act a lot like us. When you read Zoobies Apes together, see if you can find some ways that we’re alike. From their fingers to their f [...]



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Enter to Win! Submit your child’s creative works about cheetahs to the Zoobooks Zooworks Creative Contest by Thursday 6 August. 10 lucky winners..

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Every family has that one weird cousin. For seahorses, it’s the leafy sea dragon. Photo by Wikimedia Commons contributor dro!d

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